Single Lot (6/6) 

  • $3074 
  • Monthly -- $261.20

Single lot (12 Months)

  • $3865
  • Monthly -- $327.10

Two Lots (6/6)

  • $3925.00
  • Monthly -- $332.10

Two Lots (12 Months)

  • $4365 
  • Monthly -- $368.78

Three Lots (6/6)

  • $4482
  • Monthly -- $378.50

Three Lots (12 Months)

  • $4925
  • Monthly -- $415.52

Four Lots (6/6)

  • $4920
  • Monthly -- $415

Four Lots (12 months)

  • $5360
  • Monthly -- $451.67

All rates include water, trash & sewer.  Electric is metered and billed separately.


Two (2) people per unit are allowed. Management must be notified if a guest will remain overnight. A daily fee of $2.50 will be charged for each guest remaining overnight and no more than fourteen (14) days consecutive per season unless approved by management. All guests are the total responsibility of the resident and must check in with the office with name, length of stay, and age (if under 21 years old) upon arrival. All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.   

Late Fees

There is a late fee of $25 after the 10th business day each month for lot rent.

There is a $5 fee per payment when paying monthly (already included in the above monthly rate).

Electricity Rates

Electricity is sub-metered by Palm Shadows and not the local energy supplier. Resident’s sub-metered bills are calculated pursuant to P.U.C. subst.R.25.142. C(1)(G).  No administrative charge may be added under Texas State Law.  


All new residents to Palm Shadows must complete a resident application and background check    before moving into the park.   You can complete the applications online and either print and mail the required application fee along with the completed documents or submit the completed documents via email and mail the fee separately.

*Additional Information

  • Management reserves the right to reject a reservation request, renew a rental and to utilize vacant spaces. Management assumes no responsibility for accident, injury or loss caused by resident or other residents. 
  • All rates are subject to change.
  • All guests must register in advance at Main Office.
  • Find a complete set of Park Guidelines under the "More Info" tab at the top of the page.